About FillyCon

FillyCon is an annual My Little Pony convention scheduled for August 26th through 28th, 2016 in Philadelphia. Our convention strives to gather show staff, voice actors, and hundreds to thousands of fans under one roof. The family-friendly event will also host several vendors selling related merchandise and will feature local and national charities. FillyCon is a peaceful gathering in an accepting, non-judgmental space, where fans can participate in social interaction, conference panels, self-improvement seminars, socials, dances, meet VIP guests, and promote positive community bonding.


Josephine Rychwalski | Glitch

Glitch is a veteran of east coast live event production and broadcast news media. She has over 15 years of live event/news experience to include working for WFMZ-TV Channel 69 News and ClearChannel Radio. In the event realm she has worked on a variety of events that span in attendance from 100 to 100,000. She is experienced in all facets of live event planning and production. She enjoys spending time with her family and going geocaching/camping. At conventions she loves getting to mingle with fans from around the globe. Although she has a hard time picking a favorite mascot, her favorite princess is Twilight Sparkle, and her OC is Victoria Knox, (a throwback to the timeless classic utility tool) she is a unicorn mare of many talents. Glitch is excited to head the team bringing this event to Fillydelphia.

Michael Mamlok | Vigilant Watch

Vigilant Watch has served on the east coast, west coast, and central US pony convention circuits. Vigilant has worked multiple departments at multiple levels since 2012 at cons big and small. He enjoys collaborating with like-minded individuals and teams to create wonderful social experiences. Aside from pony, he enjoys model railroading, computer engineering, and video production. He drives, flies, and occasionally rides trains. He thinks Luna is Best Princess and his favorite mascot is Lightning Rod. Vigilant is happy to have worked to make this event a reality and looks forward to meeting as many of you as possible in August.

Brandon Martin | Rapid Rescue

Rapid is an Emergency Medical Technician from Maryland, having served there for over seven years. Rapid’s first convention experience began in 2013 and continued to be centralized in serving through his medical expertise; however, he has served in other public events for many years. FillyCon approached Rapid to serve in such a capacity and later saw fit to promote him to the position of Vice Con Chair. He believes that Big Mac is the best pony and greatest, wisest brother that anyone could have. Rapid is working diligently, doing his best to ensure that everyone will have fun in August and to meet all of you new friends!


Treasurer: Cynthia Rychwalski | Hopeless Magic

Security: Shaun Calvin | World Keeper

Medical: Thomas Hollingshead | Life Line

Operations: Alary Kitty Sutherland | Alary

Shortwave Husky

Department Directors

  • Alary
  • Brimstone
  • Cosmo
  • DerpyTails
  • Dusty
  • Life Line
  • Parth
  • Pilkie
  • Rye
  • Shortwave
  • Victor