Guests of Honor

Ingrid Nilson Maud Pie

Ingrid is the voice of Maud Pie, Limestone Pie and Marble Pie.

Alexandra Carter Peppermint Twist

Alexandra is the voice of Peppermint Twist.

Carla Speed McNeil IDW Comics

Carla is an artist for IDW comics.

Community Guests

Fluffle Puff

That guy who created Fluffle Puff ♥ Basement dweller ♥ Food eater Internet user ♥ Part-time bear ♥.

Brass Knuckles

Learn what it takes to be confident, stand up for yourself, and speak in front of others. Attack the day!

My Little Ties

Unofficial My Little Pony themed neckties, 100% silk!

The Brony Chef

Cooking. Mixing. Eating. Pastel Colour Equine enthusiast, you know that chef guy, author of The Brony Cookbook.

Spike Firemane

You may know of my woodcarvings but my dream is to become a voice actor!

Red Card

Philadelphia-based YouTuber, PMV Artist, Vlogger, Brony Referee. ‘You know who you are, You know what you do.

The Tao of Maud

Wit and Wisdom from Equestria's Most Centered Pony.


Chicago based videomaker, entertainer, Bronalysis reviewer with a love for cartoons and movies!

Voice Of Reason

Content creator, editor, and producer.

Christopher Gann

Owner of family-run plushie company Gann Memorials.

Performance Guests


Producer/DJ | Bounce | Future Bass

Cyril The Wolf

Singer/Songwriter, Bass Player, Sound Engineer, Composer.

The Shakeups in Ponyville

The Shake Ups are an Indianapolis-based power-pop music collective.


MLP:FiM music; I tend to write folk, acoustic, and rock songs.

Silva Hound

Designer of the sonic experience.

Cosmic Kingdoms

Electro Pop

Worst Princess

heavy tones with smooth melodies