VendorLocation Aleximus PrimeBooth A9 Brass KnucklesBooth B11 Breakfast TeeBooth D6 BronyHouseBooth A1 Carla Speed McNeilBooth D1 Cosmo Cat CraftsBooth A7 Daily TherapyBooth B5 Dawnfire/Celebi-YoshiBooth A5 Draikinator StudiosBooth C2 DrawponiesBooth E5 FireBrand’s Pony ArtBooth E4 Fluffle PuffBooth E2d Gann MemorialsBooth A2, A4 Glitter Goddess GiftsBooth B10 Jadedjynx ArtsBooth D3 KeyLime CreationsBooth E2b Knit KrittersBooth E2c Littles Toy CompanyBooth T2 LunarShineBooth E1 Mad Dash StudiosBooth C1, C3 MajikCraftBooth B1, B3 Musician’s TableBooth B7 My Little TiesBooth C10, C12 Pangolin StudiosBooth D12 Plushy Puppy StudioBooth C10, C12 PonyConBooth A3 PrincrimBooth B12 Science Fiction ContinuumBooth A10, A12 Scratch Paper’s ScribblesBooth E2a Shottsy Arts - Twisted TailsBooth D8, D10 Silver Band’s Custom PoniesBooth A11 Snuggle TrumpetBooth D4 Steiner PalominoBooth A8 SunFlash SalesBooth D5 Sweet Apple AmperesBooth A6 The EncounterBooth E3 The ShakeUpsBooth B9 Tiny Kirin ArtBooth B8 Tsitra360Booth C8 Waffle WishesBooth B2